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Your prospective customers are constantly looking online for local services, Online Reputation Powered by reputation
doctors, dentists, hairdressers, estate agents, car garages; the list goes on…
Every business, whether it sells online, the high street, or out of town, is a
multi-national or a sole trader, needs an online presence.

Over 80% of people will  click on one of the first page entries of their search results, so it’s essential for a business to appear in the listings on page 1. Prospective customers take ‘the fastest path to desired content’ – you have just over 1 second to capture attention (Mediative Report 2014), so your content has to be relevant and you need to capture the attention of your prospect quickly.

The most effective way to win new business and earn customer trust is  On line reputation
through online reviews.

Some key questions you need to ask,

  • Do you provide great products or services for your customers?
  • Do your customers love the your products and services?
  • Does your online reputation reflect your excellent products and services?

Why does it matter?
Studies have shown that on average an extra star on your product/service ratings is worth at least 6% in additional revenue. Are you losing out to your competition?

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People post reviews – which is excellent news for your business
Search engine results pages (SERPs) have evolved to be more relevant to how people search. One of the key changes is Local Search – SERPs give more prominence to local businesses and favour companies with lots of user reviews.

What’s more, potential new customers trust what reviewers think. 88% of people trust online comments and 72% take action after reading a positive review. If you are not collecting and sharing customer reviews it’s harder for new customers to find and trust your company.

We make it easy for you to collect & share reviews to extend your reach
The more you gather and share reviews, the easier it gets, spreading word of mouth online. Staying in touch with what customers really think about your business also helps to adapt and convert them into loyal advocates. We work with companies to help gather reviews, then automatically spread them across relevant review sites to boost their SERP position and attract new customers.

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User reviews also help companies to:

  • Listen to what customers are saying about them and learn from the feedback
  • Improve services based on genuine feedback
  • Act quickly to negative reviews or potential issues
  • Track and analyse customer sentiment
  • Compare output and service quality by location
  • Share reviews across multiple platforms to amplify results
  • Differentiate themselves from the competition

83% of UK business leaders think that customers are the biggest driver of change and the biggest pressure point for businesses today (Fit to Change Report) 

Learn more about how to keep up with the connected consumer across multiple devices, listen to what they are saying and share views to give your business the competitive advantage.

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Online Reputation Personal

Online reputation is getting more powerful every day
Personal reputation is important. Why? From that first date, a career enhancing promotion to showing your expertise in your speciality, everyone makes judgements affecting your life based on what they may have read online about you. What’s more, the way reputation works is changing. Now anyone can simply search for your name to find out all about you.

Negative content, like a social media spat or indiscrete selfie, that office party photo(!) could create the wrong impression and sway key decisions.

It affects everyone
From major celebrities to children, more or less everyone has an online profile, whether they want one or not. The bigger the reputation, the bigger the potential for people to get the wrong idea. Nothing on line ever really gets deleted. Even if negative content on one site is removed, that information has already been duplicated in numerous other places.

You can’t avoid an online presence, you can’t delete an online presence, but you can manage an online presence, influencing what information about you the world sees.

Control your reputation before it controls you
By understanding how search engines ‘think’ we can influence what appears on page 1 when your name is Googled. Positive content can be pushed higher, negative content pushed lower, out of sight.
Take control of your online reputation now.

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Subscription Levels – Comparison

Social Builder Reputation Builder Platinum Bundle
Technology Platform
Cloud-based dashboard, no software or hardware required
Mobile app for iOS and Android
New data pulled into your dashboard from across the Web in real time
Email alerts for new social mentions and/or reviews, customizable by you
Social Media
All your social activity collected from Facebook, Twitter, Google+
Post, like, tweet, follow, share and conduct all other social activities from within the platform
Library of unique, industry specific content published up to 5x per week
Library of unique content published on specific holidays / special occasions
Have us set up and optimize your social profiles for you
Have us build your social presence with posts, likes, tweets, etc.
Have us respond to social media posts on your behalf
Online Reviews
Monitor reviews from the leading 3rd-party sites, including general & industry-specific sites
Request new reviews from customers by email with one click from the dashboard
Have us run a review-request campaign for you with customized logos and branding
Have us respond to negative reviews on your behalf directly from the dashboard
Kiosks & Landing Pages
Tablet-based kiosk that collects reviews from your customers in store before they leave
Attractive landing page for your business optimized for Google Search
Positive kiosk reviews go on the page, negative reviews get sent to you for follow-up
Appointment scheduling capability directly from the landing page
Local SEO
We populate your business info on 10 leading directory sites including Google+
Our landing pages often show your kiosk star rating in the search results
We monitor your listings for accuracy and update them periodically for optimal ranking
Reputation Scoring
Patented Reputation Score comparing you to industry benchmarks and local competitors
Analytics & filters to track your reputation over time across a number of metrics
Advice, Support, & Training
SLAs on response times & satisfaction
Interface & usability assistance
Library of training videos & workshops
Access to a dedicated reputation consultant for any questions or issues

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