Destination Card – a Unique Client Engagement Solution

Welcome to an innovative solution in client engagement, our Destination Card.

We have teamed up with Visible Computing to provide a complete Client Engagement Solution – a package combining a physical device (a clever device called a Vizkey with a EU patent) with an online asset (such as a digital magazine, a microsite, social media site etc). It bridges the divide between offline and online marketing.
In fact the whole area of bridging the physical with the digital world has spawned a new term – Phygital (a combination of Physical with Digital).

Here is a short video:

The explosive growth of experiential and event marketing in recent years has called for a greater return on investment for companies which allows the Destination Card to be used by companies hoping to generate interest in their event or to count those who went to it.

The Destination Card allows customers to enjoy a greater experience when used at trade shows, as well as promotional and road show events. The Destination Card helps businesses to fully understand their sales demographic and who they are engaging as customers.

‘For too many years, the industry has settled for a process that counts the number of people who visited an event… the problem is that this actually on tells a client only half the story’ ( source – I-Hand). The Destination Card creates a bespoke solution that includes quantitative measurements based on website hits, PR value and sales data.


Visible Computing worked alongside to launch a unique campaign to drive people to sign up to its website. Although the activity looked like a standard and traditional leaflet distribution campaign, the Groupon handouts themselves actually contained the Vizkey technology, which took the user directly to the registration area of the Groupon website where they were encouraged to register for the company’s regular group discount alerts.

The latest campaign data demonstrates a 24% response rate, with a 8.85% click to conversion rate.


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